Need new cloth or new rail rubber?

Wer’e known as many things: Las Vegas pool table movers, assemblers, but we also are rail replacers. We will replace your Las Vegas pool table felt with any cloth style or color you choose. We promote and sell Championship Titan and Tour Edition cloth for it’s excellent durability and performance, but we work for you. Tell us what you want and we will get it: Simonis, Valley, Mali, Forstman, etc.

Las Vegas Pool Table Movers

We also work on all types of pool table rails. We can replace any cushion on any table, from your Valley coin operated table, to your antique Brunswick snooker rail rubber. We use Championship and Artemis rail rubber to make your old table play like brand new.

We can also restore your old or beat up rails, to like new condition. We are wood working pros.

Need Las Vegas Pool Table Movers?

Moving? We have been working on pool tables for over 25 years and are experts in all makes/models of pool tables. Las Vegas Pool Table Guys services over 900 pool tables a year. As the best Las Vegas pool table movers in the area, we have experience moving every kind of slate pool table and non slate tables. We understand that your time is valuable and we will work around your schedule. We also GUARANTEE our work.

Need a quote or just have a question? Contact us or give a call at: (702) 900-5442

Need a new or used table assembled?

We have experience assembling every make and model of pool table. We have built everything from priceless antique custom pool tables to your basic Brunswick or AMF Playmaster. We GUARANTEE our quality of work will be the best around and our prices will be very competitive.

Other services include…

Replacing pool table felt in Las Vegas
Replacing rail rubber in Las Vegas
Pool table restoration in Las Vegas
Pool table leveling in Las Vegas
Las Vegas Pool Table Movers Service

We have several corporate accounts as well. If you are a business owner call us for a personal consultation at: (702) 900-5442