Las Vegas Billiards – “The Shot”

If you love Las Vegas Billiards, you have to see this shot.  Simply known as “the shot”, Efren Reyes made a spectacular shot during a match against Strickland.

Playing a safety, Reyes was trying to snooker Strickland behind the 6 ball, but Reyes pocketed a ball and he had to take the next shot.  This is when the miracle happened.  This shot will surely go down in Las Vegas billiards tournament history as one of the most incredible shots ever.

In an interview with Reyes he told a reporter, “I thought I’d lost the match when I saw the 5 ball on the end rail like that. I didn’t think I could make the ball — I just wanted to hit it.” Contacted specially for this feature, Reyes had a slightly different recollection. “It was a do-or-die shot,” he said through his sponsor, Aristeo Puyat. “I was really going for it, thinking that I had a slim chance because the 5 was already near the pocket. I had a 10 percent chance. I didn’t have a safety in mind. I just hoped that if I missed, the cue ball would end up in a difficult position so Earl could not make an easy runout.”

This Las Vegas billiards tournament was played at the Sands in 1995.

Click the link below to watch the video.


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