Building an Antique Brunswick Arcade Pool Table

We received a call the other day from a customer who just purchased a 6 leg Brunswick Arcade Pool Table and wanted it assembled in their game room.  This table is over 100 years old and needed a lot of attention.

The Brunswick Arcade Pool Table was the premier pool table used in pool halls in the early 1900’s, and as a result many of them did not survive.  On this particular table, the ball return had been previously patched together and tacked to the inside of the frame.  We had to build new support brackets to hold up the return trays.  The slate was also severely damaged and needed to be repaired and new backing created.

The customer has plans to fully restore the table in the near future.  I’m sure we’ll be seeing this beauty again.

Below is some additional information from Brunswick on the Brunswick Arcade Pool Table:


From the Billiard Table Catalogue 1922 & 1923

Carom, pocket or combination.

10′ table weights 200 pounds less than listed if furnished with only four legs.

Carried in stock and can be furnished either with four or six legs-we recommend four legs only for the 4 ½ x 9 size.

This magnificent design marks a new era in the highest class of billiard table construction and ornamentation. It carries a suggestion of the classic Greek and ancient Egyptian, touching a period when the Oriental splendor bid fair to outrival the more classic tones and studied effects characterizing the era when Athens claimed the right to school the world in literature and art. The severely plain in furniture, is now giving way to the lighter and more artistic coloring effects of inlaid decorations.

Stock Sizes: 4 ½ x 9′ at 2,265 pounds and 5 x 10′ at 2,760 pounds.

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